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Thomas Cothran is an elder law attorney who practices in Lexington, KY. Many of Thomas Cothran’s elder law services, such as wills or powers of attorney, don’t require clients to come into the office. These services are available throughout the state of Kentucky.

Kentucky’s elderly face a number of issues. You or a family member may be facing declining physical health, perhaps by suffering falls or having difficulty getting around. Or you may have concerns about your mental health, and want your relatives to make decisions for you. You or a family member might be facing long term care in a nursing home. Or you may just be thinking ahead.

I am an estate planning attorney, and I offer a number of legal services for seniors. If you scroll down the page you will see some of the main areas I can help you with.

Nursing Home Planning

As baby boomers get older, an increasing number of people need long term care in a nursing home. Nursing home care is very expensive, and many seniors don’t want to pay their life’s savings to the nursing home. Fortunately, there are better options.

I use Medicaid planning techniques to qualify clients for Medicaid, while preserving as many assets as possible. Medicaid pays the full nursing home costs. The assets you save with Medicaid can be used to make your stay more enjoyable, for example, by paying for extras like day trips. Different asset protection strategies work in different situations, and you should speak with a lawyer about your case.

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Wills and Trusts

I draft wills and trusts, which are customized to the specific situations of my clients. Some people have very simple wishes. Often, for example, a couple simply wants their whole estate to go to the surviving spouse, and then be split equally among their children. In such cases, a basic will, power of attorney, medical directive, and perhaps a living trust will often be enough.

But many situations are more complex. Anyone over the age of 65 should have a long term care plan in place. Planning for the possibility of nursing home care is increasingly important. Furthermore, any parent who has a child with special needs has many options available to them to care for their child after they are gone.

Powers of Attorney

Another common area of elder law is the creation of a power of attorney for clients. A power of attorney gives someone else the power to handle your affairs. You can choose what powers to grant. Common powers include paying bills, using bank accounts, and managing business interests.

Powers of attorney are useful in a number of different situations. Sometimes it is as simple as a client wanting to take a long trip, leaving someone else in charge of certain matters while they are gone. A power of attorney would probably grant very narrow powers in that case.

More commonly, a power of attorney is used when a person’s mental health declines. In that sort of case, a power of attorney will be written very broadly, in order to give the family member broad powers, including the power to engage in nursing home planning.

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