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The Fayette Family Court System

Thomas Cothran is an attorney who practices in family law, focusing on uncontested divorces. This is part of his Guide to Uncontested Divorces.

The Fayette County Family Court system handles all divorces, whether contested or not. The Family Courts handle most family matters. Divorces are handled on the civil docket. Family judges also handle domestic violence cases, neglect or abuse cases, and status cases.

What Lexington Judges Handle Uncontested Divorces?

If you pursue an uncontested divorce, your case will be randomly assigned to one of the four Fayette County Family Court judges. The names of the judges are:

  • Honorable Timothy Philpot, Division 1
  • Honorable Judge Schrader, Division 2
  • Honorable Lucinda Masterton, Division 3
  • Honorable Kathy Stein, Division 4

If you or a spouse have previously had a case in the Fayette Family Court system, your case will be handled by the same division that case was in. This is called the “one family, one judge” rule.

Local Fayette County Rules for Uncontested Divorces

There are several sets of rules for contested and uncontested divorces. First, there are the statewide statutes. These are mostly found in KRS Chapter 403. Then there is the statewide Family Court Rules. Finally, there are the local family court rules.

Any uncontested divorce has to strictly follow both the statewide and the local rules. You can find Fayette County’s local rules here.

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