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Elder Law Explained ➤ Learn more about Elder Law, How to Find the Right Lawyer, How Elder Law Works, and Why you Should Hire a Lawyer.

Medicaid’s Penalty Period for Gifts

Thomas Cothran is an attorney who practices elder law and medicaid planning in Lexington, KY. This article is for informational use only. You should speak to an attorney before taking action. Note that any answers apply to Kentucky only. Medicaid regulations can differ state by state. Q. My father gave me real estate last year. …

Uncontested Divorces: Finding The Right Attorney

This is part of the ongoing Guide to Uncontested Divorces. Finding the Right Attorney for an Uncontested Divorce If you are thinking about an agreed divorce, you need to make sure you find the right attorney. There are several factors that will be important: the experience of the attorney, the attorney’s fee, and whether the attorney will …