Agreed Divorce Package for Lexington, KY

agreed divorce lexington kyFor some people, a divorce means testimony in open court, fighting over the custody of children, pouring over receipts and bank account statements, and hurling insults at each other in the courthouse–often with an audience.

It doesn’t have to be that way. An uncontested divorce with with the right agreement in place can keep the peace.

I used to be the staff attorney for Division 1 of the Fayette County Family Courts. During that time, I saw the full spectrum of divorces: from those that were battled over for years to those that were settled amicably out of Court.

I have developed a system called the Agreed Divorce Package that guides spouses through the divorce process peacefully, quickly, thoroughly, and affordably. I use the techniques that I’ve seen work consistently, and I take steps to avoid the problems that create conflict between spouses.

Is the Agreed Divorce Package for You?

get agreed divorceYou might be in a situation where you and your spouse can’t agree. It’s unfortunate, and it does happen. I handle those kinds of cases too. But if you and your spouse can’t come to an agreement, the Agreed Divorce Package is not for you.

I’ve designed the agreed divorce package for you if you have the following concerns:

  • You want to avoid conflicts.
  • You want the best outcome for your children.
  • You want a divorce that is fair.
  • You want the terms of a divorce to last. Once it’s done, you don’t want to end up in court.
  • You want to get your financial accounts, your property, and any retirement accounts to be squared away.

Features of the Agreed Divorce Package

hand 2The Agreed Divorce package is available in Fayette County and the greater bluegrass region. Here are some of the features of my Agreed Divorce package:

  • You don’t have to go to court. All four Family Court Judges in Fayette County permit uncontested divorces to be submitted by deposition. If you can agree to all the terms of the divorce, instead of testifying you can sign a deposition and settlement agreement. That way, you don’t have to face public scrutiny, or discuss private matters in a courtroom full of people you don’t know.
  • It keeps things simple. The divorce process can get complicated quickly, especially if your attorney is not organized. The  system I use for the Agreed Divorce package keeps things simple. You fill out a questionnaire stating what you want the terms of the divorce to be, then visit my office. I handle the details.
  • It’s affordable. I charge a flat attorney’s fee of $750 for the Agreed Divorce Package courthouse filing fee. You know exactly how much you will spend, and you don’t have to worry about paying an expensive hourly rate. Note that there is also a filing fee paid to the Circuit Court Clerk.
  • It minimizes controversy. I build a dispute resolution framework into your Property Settlement Agreement. If a disagreement arises, the Settlement Agreement sends you to a parenting coordinator or mediator to avoid Court. Disputes sometimes arise after a divorce goes through, and the system built into the Settlement Agreement encourages the most peaceful resolution.
  • It ties up all the loose ends. It’s very important to identify all your assets, and to figure out which are part of the marital estate and which aren’t. This can get complicated, especially with if there are retirement accounts involved. I sort out the different assets and make sure that they are taken of through the Settlement Agreement.

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